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Musician & Producer

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As a solo performer, a frontwoman of Alex Maes & The Connection, and a vocalist for cover bands, Alex has graced stages worldwide, captivating audiences with her unparalleled versatility across genres such as jazz, blues, RnB, pop, funk, and rock. Her journey into production and recording earned her national acclaim and  prestigious awards, showcasing her prowess and innovation within the studio.

Alex's musical odyssey began at the tender age of six when she delved into piano and vocals. As a young teen, she brought her skills of songwriting, piano, and singing to her teenage pop rock band Red Bandana, where she and her three best friends learned how to perform on stage for audiences all across Colorado. At 16 she had already written hundreds of original material and performed on a multitude of stages including Gentleman of the Road Festival (Mumford & Sons), FibARK®, Colorado State Fair, Salida Steamplant, and the Tabor Opera House. 

Earning the esteemed Daniels Scholarship®, Alex pursued her passion at the Berklee College of Music. There, she immersed herself in vocal performance by studying under luminaries like Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Tom Baskett, and Cassandre McKinley. The pinnacle of her Berklee vocal journey culminated in a performance at the Agganis Arena, honoring James Newton-Howard for his work with Elton John.

Under the mentorship of distinguished engineers and producers like Susan Rogers and Prince Charles Alexander, Alex's dedication and talent shone. Her accolades include the Silver Award in the AES® student recording competition as a recording engineer, a testament to her technical prowess. Additionally, she worked in the studio with notable bands and artists like The Rolling Stones® and Danilo Perez (Grammy® award winning pianist) that enriched her understanding of the artistry behind exceptional records.

In the present day, Alex's passion for sonic exploration thrives in her studio in Los Angeles, where she collaborates with award-winning artists, bringing their musical visions to life through her adept production, recording, and mixing skills. As the driving force behind Alex Maes & The Connection—a New England Last Band Standing Finalist—she continues to shape the landscape of contemporary music, serving as a beacon of creativity, innovation, and artistry. Alex simultaneously nurtures her solo career, solidifying her status in the music industry.

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