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Alex Maes is an artist, songwriter, producer, recording engineer, and creative director that has worked with award winning artists and musicians from around the world. She has performed globally as a solo artist, leader of Alex Maes & The Connection, and vocalist for cover bands composing and performing in many genres and styles including jazz, blues, RnB, pop, funk, and rock. Using her knowledge of songwriting and performance, she traversed into producing and recording music for other musicians and bands receiving national recognition and awards for her achievements in the studio.


Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Alex began learning piano and vocals at age six; From there her creativity quickly exploded into songwriting and composing. As a young teen, she brought her skills of songwriting, piano, and singing to her teenage pop rock band Red Bandana, where she and her three best friends learned how to perform on stage for audiences all across Colorado. At 16 she had already written hundreds of original material and performed on a multitude of stages including Gentleman of the Road Festival (Mumford & Sons), FibARK®, Colorado State Fair, Salida Steamplant, and the Tabor Opera House.  


In high school Alex was awarded the Daniels Scholarship® allowing her to attend Berklee College of Music where she studied vocal performance and music production & engineering. While at Berklee she studied under Jacques Schwarz-Bart (D’Angelo), Tom Baskett (Vox One) and Cassandre McKinley (J. Geils) to enrich her performance skills as a vocalist. For her music production and record engineering education she worked in the studio with notable bands and artists like The Rolling Stones® and Danilo Perez (Grammy® award winning pianist). These recording experiences provided Alex with the opportunity to explore how exceptional records are made. Alex has been fortunate to study with multiple notable engineers and producers such as Susan Rogers (Prince's Producer), Prince Charles Alexander (Grammy® award winning engineer), and Rob Jaczko (Aerosmith engineer). At the end of her Berklee career she was awarded the Silver Award in the AES® student recording competition as a recording engineer, and she was accepted to perform at the Agganis Arena to honor James Newton-Howard for his work with Elton John. 


Today you can find her in the studio working with multiple award winning artists producing, recording, and mixing their musical visions. She has been exploring sound in studios and spaces around New England to broaden her experiences and knowledge in production and performance. She currently leads the band Alex Maes & The Connection (New England Last Band Standing Finalist) as a creative director, producer, songwriter, and arranger, whilst also maintaining her own solo career as an artist. 

About Alex Maes

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